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Marathon race

November 13, 2023/

Stavros was in a hurry. He did not want to be late for the interview. And he was a bit worried about the traffic he might come across on the way to the TV channel. He reached the building of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation in time. The guard politely asked…

Liberation of Paris – WWII

November 13, 2023/

It was their second day in Paris and they were very excited to visit the city. It was their first trip during their Erasmus year and they wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. The plan for the day was to go to the Pantheon and the Latin Quarter…

Almond tree flower from Pomona Italiana illustration

November 6, 2023/

Drawn by the region’s picturesque landscape and rich history, Anthea and Georgios, a Greek couple, travelled to the Algarve, in southern Portugal, to celebrate their first anniversary. In their wanderings, they stumbled upon a wide area full of almond trees. It being mid-February, the trees were blooming with white flowers…

The Project

The Shared (Hi)stories project seeks to broaden the minds of secondary students in the EU by encouraging critical thinking and a multi-perspective approach to cultural and historical heritage. Through the exploration of (hi)stories traditionally told from a one-sided national perspective, the project aims to foster a strong sense of EU awareness and citizenship among students while improving their English skills.

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