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“Alikindoi” “Guachisnai” – Unexpected Connections

November 13, 2023/

The Thompson family had finally arrived at the bustling port of Cadiz where they marveled at the picturesque scenery. It was a lively place with colorful boats, merchants selling fresh seafood, and the sound of seagulls echoing through the air. As they docked their boat, Emily caught sight of a…

Every cloud has a silver lining

November 6, 2023/

Luisa’s anticipation for Eleni’s arrival was mounting. It was Friday and her best friend would be visiting for the weekend with her husband and kids. The last time the two families had been together was when they spent last Christmas at Eleni’s house. The two women had been inseparable since…

The Project

The Shared (Hi)stories project seeks to broaden the minds of secondary students in the EU by encouraging critical thinking and a multi-perspective approach to cultural and historical heritage. Through the exploration of (hi)stories traditionally told from a one-sided national perspective, the project aims to foster a strong sense of EU awareness and citizenship among students while improving their English skills.

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