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Sibinjanin Janko

Novembro 13, 2023/

If you look on the left side, you can see a plain white building that used to be the “Belgrade”…

Red Thread

Novembro 13, 2023/

Nikola Jovanović, a young Serb who recently immigrated to Gothenburg, diligently carried out his job as a waiter in a…

The Dueling Blades

Novembro 13, 2023/

On the picturesque island of Crete, there lived a young Cretan boy named Nikos. Growing up in a land known…

El Coco – Boogie who?

Novembro 13, 2023/

In the sunny town of Málaga, Spain, there was a lively Summer Camp that attracted young people from different corners…

Marathon race

Novembro 13, 2023/

Stavros was in a hurry. He did not want to be late for the interview. And he was a bit…

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The Shared (Hi)stories project seeks to broaden the minds of secondary students in the EU by encouraging critical thinking and a multi-perspective approach to cultural and historical heritage. Through the exploration of (hi)stories traditionally told from a one-sided national perspective, the project aims to foster a strong sense of EU awareness and citizenship among students while improving their English skills.

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