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The Epic Tale of Ayaz Ata

November 13, 2023/

Mehmet is from Turkey and has been living in Spain for 2 months for his university education and didn’t have much time to explore the city of Sevilla. So, he decided to spend a whole weekend in the city centre and booked a room for two days in a nice…

The Joyful Celebration of Nevruz

November 12, 2023/

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst rolling hills and fertile plains, there lived a group of vibrant and close-knit families. This village was located in central Anatolia, Turkey, and, like many others in the region, eagerly awaited the arrival of Nevruz, the ancient spring festival. Nevruz…

The Journey of Raki: A Tale of Turkish Delights

November 12, 2023/

Once upon a time in the beautiful land of Turkey, there lived a young man named Ahmet. Ahmet was known for his love of traditional Turkish culture and its exquisite delicacies. One particular drink had always fascinated him: rakı. This anise-flavored alcoholic beverage held a special place in Turkish culture…

Pain perdu

November 12, 2023/

It was a sunny day. Catarina was going to the French language centre, where she was doing her summer French course. It was a good opportunity to develop her speaking skills, meet new people and discover a French city. She was in Toulouse. In Porto, her hometown, she had already…


November 12, 2023/

After moving from Niš to Düsseldorf, where he had already made the decision to change his life completely and go to Germany for a better job opportunity, Marko felt an incredible sense of loneliness just a few weeks later. Since he didn’t know German very well, communication in his IT…


November 12, 2023/

It was Saturday afternoon and we had just finished lunch. We were all sitting in the sitting room talking about my dad’s new job when the phone rang. My sister, Aphrodite, answered the phone. I don’t think she understood who it was, because she quickly asked my mum to come…

The Magical Journey of Bakir the Bee and the Sweet Baklava

November 12, 2023/

Mert was a young traveler who wanted to see all the beauties of Europe before he turned 30. His next destination was Hungary and he was planning to spend one week there. He started his journey from İstanbul to Budapest on a lovely spring day. He arrived at Budapest very…

The Legend of the Gray Wolf for Children

November 12, 2023/

Once upon a time, there lived a teenage boy named Kemal. Kemal had always been fascinated by the tales of ancient heroes and the wonders of nature. His village nestled in the heart of the meadows, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that sparked his imagination. One day, while exploring the woods…

The Project

The Shared (Hi)stories project seeks to broaden the minds of secondary students in the EU by encouraging critical thinking and a multi-perspective approach to cultural and historical heritage. Through the exploration of (hi)stories traditionally told from a one-sided national perspective, the project aims to foster a strong sense of EU awareness and citizenship among students while improving their English skills.

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